Monday, September 22, 2008

Sometime you need to draw a Giraffe

My youngest girl has a serious thing for giraffes. I want to make her some giraffe themed items for Christmas so I needed to brush up on my skills. I googled “how to draw a giraffe” and found this diagram.

The diagram helped me gain confidence in my giraffe drawing. I typically draw what I see and it’s hard for me to draw from memory or imagination. It turned my horse with a really long neck into a giraffe. Diagrams can be a great tool for artists because they help fill in information really quickly.

There is a link on the giraffe page that leads you to a list of other animal diagrams. I printed each one out and slipped them into those plastic page protectors and bound them. Now I have a whole book of animal diagrams and should the need arise to draw a bison or a kangaroo, I’m set. My daughter and husband used the binder this afternoon and it got the ball rolling for them.

I wanted my younger girl to get in on the action so I created a binder just for her. I printed out some realistic coloring pages from and slipped them in the page protectors then gave her an expo marker so she could have her own fun. After her fun we can wipe the marker right off.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bunny and Carrot are Friends

I made me some shadow puppets.
Crazy Fun to make and the whole family got into using them. I made them in no time with the help of my new fiskars knife. I have loads of black construction paper so I used it to make the puppets but laminated them at my local office supply store to keep them sturdy for the younger girl. I used skewers for the sticks and handi tak to hold them in place. For the screen I pinned up a white sheet in the doorway to my bathroom. Turn the bathroom light on and the outside light off and you have an instant puppet theater. I used the website owly shadow puppet as a resource.