Saturday, March 24, 2007

Yummy Turkey Chili

I have a dear friend Sandi who I always call and tell when I make a new recipe but I never get around to sending it to her. So I thought I would share this with Sandi and everyone else. It's for turkey chili. I have never used ground turkey meat but in an attempt to live a healthier life I tried it and I loved it. I have made it the last three weeks in a row. It freezes easily and make a great lunch. I reduced the water to half of what is in the recipe after reading the reviews. It was perfect. Hope you enjoy. I was going to post a pic but I ate it before I had a chance to take it!


Anonymous said...

Love that turkey, yummy yummy feels good in my tummy

Anonymous said...

I love turkey meat! That is all we eat...can't wait to try the chili