Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yarn Cup

I have been organizing my art shed and found this little yarn cup that I use for instruction. It's upside down in the photo so you can see the bottom of the cup. It is a great idea for that yarn stash you may have around. I think it would be a great gift idea that kids can make grandparents or family. It makes a fun pencil holder and you can never have enough of those. Right? You can use any yarn but the fun crazy yarn makes it fun. I do think it's best to start with the smooth yarn at first. You can find the lesson here. The picture below is a cup made with all fuzzy fun yarn. I think it looks like a monster. I have considedred putting some wild eyes and a mouth on it.

I've also been busy stealing sugar from the girls.


Euphoria said...

Is it really a cup with a bottom and all? How random, I've never seen anyhting like it! Super cool!
Your girls are SO adorable!!!! SOO ADORABLE!

Laura said...

yes, vanilla ginger snap ;) it is. Its really just using a plastic as a form to weave around. Ah, I think the girls are pretty adorable too, most of the time! Thanks

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

Are you at all interested in telling us how you did this? I am a bit dense I'm sure but I don't get how it was done. ( I did read through the link but still don't understand)I do however love your finished product!!! It is darling. Thanks for thinking about it! :-)

Laura said...


Now that I read the link over the instructions are unclear. I just created a new post to help explain the steps in more detail. Hope it's helpful.