Sunday, October 14, 2007

On the Christmas front.

I saw this last night on the Martha Stewart site while looking for some inspiration for Christmas cards. I love the idea, my youngest one can't have chocolate so I can personalize the gifts for her, she has a real thing for bouncy balls.

A question.

I grew up in East Texas a small town named Henderson. I have heard my fair share of Country lyrics. I love George Strait, and George Jones, Keith Whitley, Willie Nelson and Alan Jackson. I boycotted country music radio several years ago when I felt their express purpose was to make my cry in my car. I had had enough. I still listen to my Cds and I love my husbands music of choice, Classic Rock. Today, I have an Alan Jackson song in my head. All of which has me thinking about you guys.

Do you have a favorite style of music?

When I am in the art shed I listen to a little of everything. Do you have a great craft song? I like to listen to Elvis when starting a new project. My favorite is A little less conversation, how can you not work faster with that song playing?


Euphoria said...

What a cute idea! What does Martha do that is NOT cute!?! She's too much sometimes!

I'm no country fan either... The best are some oldies... Frank Sinatra, Chet Baker, Judy Garland- I know, just call me Nerd Alert! I love techno too... what a weird mix huh!?!

I tagged you on my blog today- check it out!

Allyson Hill said...

I have a soft spot for folky music : )