Thursday, July 24, 2008

Washer Dial

You know when you buy a shirt and it's the perfect length and fit then after laundry day it's 2 inches shorter and all snug? Maddening!
So I end up line drying a majority of my shirts which brings me to my real problem, I constantly forget to line dry things! I miss something, or I swear it wasn't in the washer to begin with, or I left them in the washer so long I really can't remember what's all in there. All of which leads me to tears in the laundry room because I had found the perfect black tee only to shrink it up!

Well, I made a little tool to help and want to share in case there are others out there like me. Poor souls tormented by the shrinking tee.

You can download the templates from my flickr page here.
Use a brad as a pointer. Then you can keep up with how many items are in the washer that need to line dry. I used some handitak to stick it to the washer.
I want to laminate it but haven't gotten that far yet.


Allyson Hill said...

I don't line dry, but boy could my Mom use these!!! What a great idea and so retro too!

Jes said...

Great idea. I will use it to remember how many little girl clothes I need to recheck for stains BEFORE I put them in dryer.

Anonymous said...

Just what I need. I'm on the tall side and I can't afford to lose any length on anything I buy, but I have the same problems with remembering to pull some items when transferring! I'll have to try your system!

Sassy and Classy said...

I saw you on the crafty crow. I have been trying to think of a way to remember to pull out clothes for a long time. Thanks for sharing this! I love the retro one.