Monday, January 5, 2009

Daruma Love

We recentley discovered a wonderful museum The Crow Collection of Asian Art. On a recent visit the awesome docent pointed my oldest girl towards a family scavenger hunt booklet. He told her if she was diligent and found all the art work they had a treasure for her. My girl takes treasures very seriously and got to business. She returned with her goal achieved and the gentleman opened a little white box and pulled out a Daruma Doll.

He told her a the story of Daruma a famous Indian monk who establised Zen Buddhism. The Daruma has two blank eyes. He told her when she sets an important goal to color in one of the Daruma dolls eyes, when she achieves that goal she colors the other eye in.

The little Daruma doll sits on her shelf in her room. She's waiting for the perfect goal to color in his first eye.

I think it is awesome to have a visual reminder of achieveing an important goal.

I made a little daruma sticker design for my sketchbook. Just in case you have an important goal or a small goal and would like a daruma sticker you can download it here on the bottom of the page will be the words download file.
Print the image out on sticker paper then you are all ready go.

In my Daruma search I found this unazukin doll fashioned after the Daruma. The unazukin doll shakes her head yes or no when you ask her a question. I wounder if my shelf has room for a daruma and unazukin dolls. Of course!!


Chula said...

I love your blog, realy. Congratulations!!

Allyson Hill said...

Thanks for whipping this up for us! Going to print it out onto sticker paper like you suggested. What a great motivator!

featherbed said...

I love this! what a fun idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura !

I'm Vinícius Rocha and i live on Brazil. I had following for a Daruma's picture but I don't found one good. But when i typed Daruma on Google Images, the page returned your picture. I think it very very good. Is most beautiful. Thanks for posted this image. It will be motivator for me to realize one dream. Ok?
Very Thank you,