Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I found Ed Emberly's wonderful website last night and bookmarked it. This morning I spent some time looking through it and couldn't wait to share it. It has great drawing tutorials that really encourage kids learning to draw. What I was especially interested in was the Picture Pie Parts patterns and activities. There is a printout full of circles broken down into pie parts and loads of pictures designs that you can make with thes pieces. Here are some examples...

I think this is such a great activity to try. It's a great chance to talk about how easy it is to break objects down to basic shapes. You can find the activities here the above examples are from the February section but I saw some more picture pie activites in other months. I plan on printing out the pie pieces page on card stock and having them lamanated that way my young darling can't bend them all up.

**Okay I went back to the site to explore some more and he has several books out about picture pie drawing I may need to run out and pick one up today. It seems I'm a little behind the times. And he has a book about thumbprint art! What? Where are my keys?

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I am Jen said...

Yes, we love that site. Very fun things pictured!