Thursday, February 7, 2008

I was browsing Jo Ann’s the other day when I was reintroduced to the plastic canvas. I was in need of an easy Girl Scout troop project and wanted to do something different than plain paper valentines. In the past I have dismissed the pre packaged plastic canvas kits as lacking creativity but seeing the variety of blank canvases intrigued me. The supplies for all the girls cost less than $10.00. The girls really loved the activity. Well, after the initial 10 minutes because that was a little frustrating. I heard them talking about different patterns and colors options not to mention the basic technique of hand sewing. All you need is the plastic canvas that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, smooth craft yarn and either a plastic needle or one of those dull metal needles (Sorry, I'm sure they have a official name).

I have to admit that I am having fun with this activity it’s an easy fun little project. It's easy to take in the car and for sitiing in the doctors office. My soon to be three year old even got into the fun she made her own wild pattern. I found most of the online patterns a little boring but I did find a program that allows you to insert any picture and it creates a pattern. You can download a limited version from the website here for free . I found these plastic canvas portraits that would be fun to try.

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Taryn & Brendon said...

super cute. i do 'activity days' for 8 year old girls in our church...this would be perfect