Thursday, June 21, 2007


I celebrated a birthday last week. Yep, I've been here 29 years. And I have been reflecting on the last decade. Wow! I mean look at those two beautiful girls. Can it get any better? I hope so!


Allyson Hill said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a special day! We're about the same age, but I'm turning 30 this summer : ( Oh well. Did I ever tell you that the monkey bread was a hit? Oh yeah, it was really good and Micah loooooved it. But next time, I'm only making half a batch cuz I couldn't stop nibbling on it!

mutating missionary said...

I'm sorry i missed commenting on your birthday!
I am really enjoying your blog. I have shared it with some of my family members that love art!
You are a delight. I'm glad God designed you, set you on this earth, and allowed me to get to know you a bit while I was home.