Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I discovered a great resource for art lessons on the dick blick website. I tried one yesterday with my students, it is a lesson for creating frescoes. You can find the lesson here.

I thought it was a fun lesson both for art production and art history. The kids loved learning about Pompeii and the ancient fresco paintings discovered there. The kids had a great time and wanted to make more and more. On several of the frescoes I used a yellow water color wash to help antique the plaster. I also preferred using colored pencils instead of the pastel with the younger kids. It was hard for them to keep from smearing the pastel with their hands. I loved the idea of breaking the pieces to antique them even more but most couldn't bear to crack their beloved fresco drawings.


Allyson Hill said...

Thank you for the links, what wonderful ideas! They provide great learning opportunities and I'm looking forward to choosing a project for Micah and myself. Take care!

I am Jen said...

Thanks for the links. I especially love the family tree one and will definately have to try these.