Monday, June 4, 2007

King Tut

Philadelphia was great. The King Tut exhibit was very interesting. They had over 130 pieces from the time of Tutankhamun along with some things found in his burial chamber. They did not have any of the actual burial masks or the coffins but a very cool computer generated image of the burial chamber. My older girl had a great time. I hope it is something she will remember. My parents took me as a child to see the Ramses exhibit and I have great memories of that trip. I remember getting those headphones and feeling so grown up. I remember the feeling of being near items made thousands of years ago. I still like to walk up to pieces close my eyes and imagine the items being made by artisans, the scene plays in my mind. Makes it fun.
I love the picture with younger daughter who would not sit by us. I think she was afraid we would take a drink.

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