Saturday, August 18, 2007

We crashed and burned with potty training. Big Surprise, huh? It became clear that she needed some extra time and I needed my carpet cleaned.

I have a new picture of Bentley. Look at that smile!


Jessica said...

He looks SO cute! I pray for Bentley all the time... how is he doing? Better? I hope so... whats the update? Look at that smile- I'm melting!

At least you can say you tried potty training... diapers aren't too bad- hahahaha! Laughing with you, just laughing with you... :-)

Have a great week!

Laura said...

Jessica, I am so ready to stop carrying a diaper bag! I forget half the time to take it, then we get somewhere and need it, bad!

Bentley seems to be doing well. I got to hold him!!! He was all squirmy and then his moma came in and rubbed his little head and he smiled, made me cry. It feels like we know less than when he was born. Yesterday they tried to run a test to see if he could have some milk though his main line but during the test they discovered he was anemic and he needed a blood transfusion. They may try it again in a few days. Thanks for your prayers My niece reads the blog and is thankful for you too!