Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

My youngest daughter turned 3 on earth day last week. I really enjoy birthdays. I mean any reason to have friends over and have a Cinderella cake is awesome. I made a fun little garland by stringing craft pom poms on embroidery thread. I used whatever needle was handy and it broke so if you make one I would suggest using a strong needle. It turned out pretty cute and I think I will use it in her room now that the party is over. Mid way through the project I thought it was a bit of a pain. I worried about it getting all tangled up. I ended up stringing them all on one after another. I then stretched out the thread having a helper hold the ends then I spaced out pom pom however I wanted. To ensure it wouldn't get tangled I wrapped it around a cardboard box just like I would Christmas lights. My advice would be don't do this around your soon to be 3 year old. It turned it to a limbo game.
A tangled frustrating limbo game.

I wish I had a picture of the turkey wraps I made for the party but I didn't snap one. They were super delicious so I thought I would share anyway. They looked very much like these.

I used the mission brand tortillas in tomato basil and Spinach and Herb

I smeared some garden vegetable cream cheese over the tortillas.

I then topped the tortilla with provolone cheese, shaved turkey meat ( I really piled the turkey on) , lettuce, and a few tomatoes.

the picture I used included bacon which would have been great too.

Roll that baby up and give it a diagonal cut.

My 3 year old had her very first art show this weekend. I love to see preschool programs embracing the arts. It was such fun to see all the kids excited about their art. My favorite artist was this little girl.
The cutest, right?


Anonymous said...

it is so wonderful your daughter got to have an exhibition - she looks proud!

Taryn & Brendon said...

oh how fun! the pom pom garland is adorable!

Allyson Hill said...

Hi Laura, Thanks for the purse lovin, you're such a sweetie! The pom-pom trim is adorable, I love the differing sizes. I bet it would be fun using that bakers twine that is oh-so popular these days. Great tips too, can't beat the trial and error advice! I love what they're doing with art in schools these days, it seems so much better than when we were kids. I was reminded of that today when my 1st grade son answered a trivial pursuit question correctly asking how many years ago the Mona Lisa was painted. He not only named the artist but correctly guessed 500 years ago! Nope, I did not know that when I was in 1st grade!

Shimmy Shake said...

I adore the garland, what a great idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog, your comments were lovely. Take care.

I am Jen said...

I love the garland and happy late birthday to your little one. Our preschool is the same with art and I love seeing what the kids make. It's often surprising!