Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Foreground /Background with Mona

I have a fun activity for young kids learning about foreground and background. You can download the worksheet and my notes here. Download and then print out the picture of Mona Lisa. Explain to your little artist that Mona is in the foreground. The artist wants the viewer to see things in the foreground first. Everything around Mona Lisa is the background. You can then color the Mona Lisa and cut out her figure carefully. Create another background for Mona Lisa anything you want and put her in it. Mona can be anywhere you want. She can be in your room, the grocery store or the moon. I had fun with a room full of kindergartners and this project they love saying her name Mona Lissssssssa.
Background above provided by a sweet little almost 3 year old who just told me, "I want pancakes in my tummy!"


Allyson Hill said...

This is awesome! Micah will LOVE this. He gets so excited about the Mona Lisa! I'm so impressed with his art teacher at school, and his music teach as well.

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

I LOVE this idea, it's good for kids of every age. Thanks for sharing! Tracey

Anonymous said...

Perfect for introducing foreground/background to my kindergarteners! Thanks.